How To Make Wasabi

How To Make Wasabi at Home?

Japanese horseradish is another name of wasabi, which is hot Japanese spice root and one of the basic items on any sushi table. Wasabi can be eaten it different ways some like to eat it with dipping in soy sauce bowl and some people like its paste on sushi directly before eating. There are lots of stories behind wasabi creating or invention for sushi, now wasabi for sushi has become important ingredient. Lots of wasabi products for sushi wasabi can be purchased form Asian food stores in two formats, you can get dried powder or ready to use paste. Wasabi paste is used in a very small quantity on each sushi. It is recommended that you should use dried wasabi powder to create your own fresh wasabi paste.  Follow simple steps to create wasabi at home.

Wasabi powder should be kept dry in order to stay fresh. Try carefully not to dent the can top when opening. Keep your wasabi packing gently to keep it fresh for longer period.

Use a dry teaspoon to take wasabi, 3-4 teaspoons should be enough for a sushi session of your personal wasabi consuming habits.

Take cold water to maintain 1:1 ratio with the amount of wasabi powder, stir it until a solid mixture is ready. Now you need to gently balance the mixture with a bit more powder or water if you to make wasabi thicker or thinner.

Now this wasabi paste is ready to use in sushi, you can form it into different shapes would be best if you use it in natural form to inspire your sushi guests.